Since the panel fence is an economical, decorative and highly veneered product, it is preferred in park gardens, roadsides, sites, villages, industrial districts.

Panel fence areas are generally preferred in gardens and site surroundings. Panel fence systems are used in sports complexes, airports, residential areas, private properties and land.

The application areas are very wide and the panel fence can be applied to all the floors and the symmetrical structure has the same height of the panels produced. It is also a security fence system that is also used for decorative purposes. The production of panel fences is polyester. Installation is very easy and fast. It has a more elegant appearance in terms of usage and is simple and resistant to weather conditions. In terms of the places where they are used, houses, sites, parks and school surroundings are some of the most used areas.

The panel can be easily mounted on concrete and soil in a fast way in terms of fence construction. While assembling, clamp, dowel, pole and bolt are used as auxiliary apparatus. Different color and model options are available and can be made from grass at the same time. Panel fences made of the most grass are used around restaurants and cafes.

Usage Areas

Private Security Zones

Residential Areas

Housing and Site Censuses

Factory and Industry Cycles

Sports Complexes

Private Property and Landmarks

School Circles

Garden Frames

In various industrial jobs

Steel Constructed Applications


Eye range: 5X15 cm
Wire Thickness: 4.5 mm
Wire: Galvanized
Color: RAL 6005 (Green)
Paint: Oven Paint
Height: 50/75/100/120/150/200 cm
Length: 250 cm
Pillars: 50X50X2 / 60X60X2 mm
Product Standard: TS EN 10223
Raw Material Standards: TS EN 10244
Wire Material Used: Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Wire
Painting Shape: Electro Static Polyester Powder Painting
Material: 1 Panel Fence / 1 Post / Connection Elements (4 steel dowels, 1 Cover, 2-4 Clips, 2-4 Screws)

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